Nanocoat Polish




NANOCOAT POLISH is a specially developed product that cleans, polishes and protects in one easy application.  The resulting finish leaves a long lasting water and dirt repellent effect on surfaces such as painted metal, metal chrome, polished steel, and fibreglass.

The treated surface will maintain the original appearance. The paint or other treated surface remains protected with a glossy finish during the life cycle of the coating.

Rejuvenated Surfaces

NanoCoat Polish rejuvenates old, weathered surfaces, removes fine scratches and leaves no streaks or white residue on surfaces adjacent to treated areas.  NanoCoat Polish covers the surfaces with a protective barrier that is water and dirt repellent ensuring protection against all elements, as well as enhanced UV protection

Lower Cleaning Costs

Nanocoat Polish is ideal for cars, buses, planes and boats which need to be cleaned regularly. Treated surfaces are easier to clean and maintain. Strong rubbing or cleaning is no longer necessary, since even insects, tar or sap can be easily removed. The smooth, glossy finish almost cleans itself with application of water (or even rain).


  • Taxis & delivery vans
  • Motorbikes
  • Buses & trucks
  • Caravans & camper vans
  • Boats & jet skis,
  • Surfboards & kayaks
  • Aircraft

Benefits of NanoCoat Polish

  • No wax or silicon
  • Water and dirt repellent (hydrophobic)
  • Invisible (transparent)
  • Non-stick, glossy finish
  • Prevents tar, sap and dead bugs from sticking to the surface
  • Eliminates the need for chemical cleaners, rain or a wet cloth will do
  • Enhanced UV protection

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